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Our Amazing Class

Welcome to fifth grade! This school year will bring many exciting adventures and new challenges. I hope that you come to school this year expecting it to be the best you could ever imagine. 
I have taught in the district for 13 years and have my masters in education. I took some time off to raise my two children. My son will be in fifth grade and my daughter fourth grade. They attend Greenbriar School.
Mrs. Erickson will be the aide in our classroom. She is a wonderful teacher and we work well together. We both love children and work to make each and every child successful and the best they can be.
We look forward to a very exciting and productive school year. Fifth grade is a wonderful time in your life. You will experience an incredible amount of growth and have many opportunities for great accomplishments and success throughout the year. We will be working as a team. As a team, we will be working on learning to budget your time, work cooperatively, develop good study habits, and strive to achieve your highest potential.
In social studies you will learn all about The American Revolution, Civil War, Westward Movement, and U.S. Government. In science we study space, chemistry and ecology. In reading and language arts you will engage in guided reading and word study, learn parts of speech, developing your writing, plan, write, improve your note taking, and use technology to find good and relevant information. In math, you will continue to develop your skills in whole number operations, fractions, decimals, percent, algebra, measurement, data analysis and probability, geometry and problem solving.
I am excited about our year of adventure.